Take a rough draft investor presentation and make it awesome

Job Description. I have a 10 page rough draft of an investor presentation for mobile apps. It's got titles and bullet points, text only. I need it to be formatted and redesigned, so that it is visually impressive for a Silicon Valley VC fund. This will include simple things like selecting the right font, lining everything up, using the right buillet point formats, etc. And

Pitch Deck Update for Hardware Start Up

Job Description. We are a music tech hardware startup and we need to develop a beautiful, high quality, Pitch Deck.  We have an existing deck (attached) but we need to add new information. In addition, the graphic design of the entire deck needs to be updated and made consistent. We need icons, images, and graphics to illustrate important points. Time: Will start immediately, delivery within

Management Presentation

Job Description. Hello I have a project for a management presentation around 10-12 slides in Keynote that I would like made for me. I like the look of the style on this template: http://graphicriver.net  My budget is USD$150-200 I would prefer to use a light theme and the color blue to match my company logo. Strict confidentiality is mandatory. Please let me know if you would

Powerpoint for fashion designer

Description To create a Powerpoint for one of New Yorks hottest fashion designers in order to secure crowdfunding investment. Will be 16 slides with most text and graphics and video provided Feedback "Good work"

Powerpoint design

Job Description. The job is to brush up the ppt I sent you, with a nicer font, and layout. Not in the same style as previously, as this is a different concept, from this website, www.foreldrekompetanse.no. The previous slide sets has been for this website, www.famlab.no. Feedback. "Great work on this ppt. Thanks."

Training Manual in powerpoint format

Job Description. Hello, I built a training manual and I really like the content and flow of my presentation. I do not care for the design, color scheme or my visuals. I like the concepts my visuals depict, just not the visuals themselves. This training manual is for the company "Protect Help Give". The website is protecthelpgive.com. I our webpage do give you an example

Urgent: New Slide Deck/Template Creation

Job Description. Hi There, I need a presentation/template designed.  I h ave the basic outline of the content which is in the attached PowerPoint. Some things to note: -Some of the slides have minimal content. Here, please add images or icons. Text can be fairly large. -Slides with graphs will need re-creating to match the theme you build - however you can base the overall

Redesign for an existing corporate oriented PowerPoint presentation

Job Description. Help! Please modernize and make a presentation (on growing your business on a beer budget) of around 20 slides more attractive, while keeping strategic approach. Not looking to go graphic heavy, just need it polished and structured. Please take a look at the attached breakout presentation and let me know if you can help. Any pictures or graphics must be free image. Changes

Keynote Slides – professional template

Job Description. I am a professional inspirational and leadership speaker and I am looking for a professional and simple looking templet to incorporate a nice design and my brand into my slides.  I am not looking for you to change every slide just design a custom template I can use with all slides. Advice on font and background colour would also be helpful. Most of

Webinar Slide Creation

Job Description. I need approx. 60 slides created for our webinar. I am looking for a individual or team to create some “knock your sox off” slides. I have all the text content, and several example images. I want you to create or secure HD images. We need these to be graphically exciting.You have a two week window for completion. Please provide previous examples, Thank

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